congratulations on enrollment!

but what if you want more?

introducing mentorship.

be my student. work with me through
lessons and email.

mentorship is the way that you and i can work closely together for your next year
of auditioning.

personalized audition coaching

i'll help you choose which auditions to take, go over your excerpt planning making comments and critiques, listen to excerpts during each phase of your audition prep, and comment on video and mock auditions.

three 60-minute facetime lessons

i'll get to know you, talk through your audition history and particular issues that you face, and give you personalized advice on how to shape your audition preparation process to overcome your obstacles. this is something we could potentially continue.

lesson #1: pre-audition process audit

lesson #2: mid-audition excerpt analysis

lesson #3: post-audition dissection & next steps

in-depth excerpt tracking

as you carry out your audition preparation, i'll ensure you're applying the concepts correctly. we'll choose two excerpts together and you'll send me recordings as you go through each phase of the audition process:

phase 1: learning the notes

phase 2: self-recording

phase 3: mock auditions

one year of personal email mentorship

whatever we don't get done in the facetime lessons, we can cover in emails - send me as many as you like and i'll help you along the way.

i'll personally help you and guide you through the process of scheduling and creating your own audition plan. i'll check your work, make suggestions, and give you tons of individualized help along the way. you can send me recordings, videos, and ask any clarifying questions that you have and i'll put you into my priority email inbox to try to answer everything as detailed as i can.

12 months of mentorship is available for the price of $497.