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live webinar with noa kageyama and rob knopper


an 11-step checklist for effective, confidence-building mocks


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in this webinar

you will learn

  1. the major mindset shift

that top performers adopt in order to take their performances to the next level.


the 3 common problems with mock auditions

that lead to ineffective audition performances.


the difference between a mediocre mock and a great one

and what subtle tweaks will make the biggest impact on your final performance.


an 11-step checklist for optimal mock auditions

so you can start doing professional-level mocks right away.


“Top athletes and coaches have long understood that practicing for skill, and practicing for performance are actually different challenges, each requiring different methods of preparation.

But…what exactly are they supposed to look like? How many is enough? How far in advance of audition day should we start?

If you’re new to mock auditions, or simply looking for ways to kick things up a notch, join Rob and me for a webinar on optimizing your mock auditions, where we’ll share some ‘best practices’ that will help you go into your next audition feeling better equipped to demonstration your best playing when it counts.”

— Noa

Performance Psychologist, The Juilliard School



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an invitation from rob

“almost every successful audition winner i’ve met has done mock auditions, and plenty of them.

they’re the secret weapon that solve some of the biggest audition problems, like shaking, losing focus, sounding worse than you do in the practice room, and feeling insecure about your interpretation of the excerpts.

but most people don’t do mocks the right way.

the quality of your audition performance isn’t going to get better by itself. if you’re serious about improving your performance level and competing in professional auditions, you need to start doing effective mocks. immediately.

i can’t wait to present this class with noa and i truly hope we can help you get to the next level in your auditions!”

— rob

percussion, metropolitan opera orchestra