welcome to the auditionhacker academy. 

the auditionhacker academy is an online school that helps you barrel through whatever's standing between you and your dream orchestra job.

hi, i'm rob.

10 years ago i was trying to figure out what to do after high school, but now i play percussion with the greatest orchestra on earth: the met orchestra. before that, i studied at juilliard and i was a fellow in the new world symphony. i consider myself to be unbelievably lucky. 

before i got my job at the met, i failed my way through years of unsuccessful auditions and rejected applications.

my goal with this blog is to reach keen and motivated musicians like yourselves and help you get where you're going quicker and smarter than i did. 

the 12 days of auditions

every day for 12 days before my online mini-course comes out, i'm releasing a video that covers a different topic on how to take auditions. it's called the twelve days of auditions, and here's what you can check out right now:

first, check out the way i won my job in the metropolitan opera orchestra.

it's the audition cheat sheet, which is a 5-step guide to constructing your preparation process and optimizing it for maximum results. 

next, join the auditionhacker facebook group

it's a place to talk about auditions, for any instrument.

finally, enroll in an online mini-course, how to advance in an orchestra audition 101