hi, i'm rob. i play in the met orchestra, and i want to help you master auditions.

let's figure out what's standing between you and your dream orchestra job, and blast through it.

i truly think that any one of you could achieve a job like mine. 

first things first. help me help you. what's your goal?

before i got my job at the met, i failed my way through years of unsuccessful auditions and rejected applications. i know the incredible weight bearing down on you: audition struggles.

so i've created methods and simple, easily adaptable instructions to crush basically any part of the audition process.

i studied percussion at juilliard and the new world symphony. i was the first (and only) person to record delécluse: douze études for snare drum, and i even conducted the final interview of jacques delécluse.

i create practical solutions, methods and workflows for percussionists like you to master your craft.