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holy moly, it’s time for a new project announcement!

percussionhacker studio class is a new video series that helps solve the biggest percussion obstacles you face in the practice room.

hi, i'm rob, a percussionist in the met orchestra. and i know how it is.

it seems like life is filled with things you can't do. perfectly smooth thumb rolls on tambourine. soft cymbal crashes. those 2 f*cking measures in delécluse 9. but no matter what problem you're having in percussion, i can guarantee that i had it too. 

and here's the thing. once a week, you have a lesson. you learn all you can during that one precious hour. but after your lesson, when you go back to the practice room, it's just you and your instrument. you're all alone.

you're all alone with your inconsistent soft snare drum rolls and your missed notes on porgy and bess. and sometimes the way to fix those problems is a complete mystery. 

i still feel that way sometimes, even though i've been a part of some of the great american percussion departments like juilliard, the new world symphony, and the metropolitan opera orchestra. 

in the practice room, you're all alone with your struggles and percussion anxieties. 

but it shouldn't be that hard, right? 

i want to help you become a virtuoso percussionist.

here’s what i think: if you have a good work ethic, and you want to become an incredible percussionist, then you should have the information you need at your fingertips. 

we have so many mind-numbingly difficult things to figure out. if you’re willing to spend the time to figure it out, but you just don’t have the right information or strategy that you need, then that’s an unbearable frustration. i want to help demystify your biggest challenges in order to help you reach peak virtuoso percussionist status.

percussionhacker studio class is here to help.

here's some of what's in store:

  1. honest assessment and comparison of percussion gear!

  2. downloadable exercises to tackle the hardest technical problems!

  3. videos to watch!

  4. online courses to take!

  5. maybe a new facebook group called percussionhacker studio class?

  6. lots of other stuff!

can't friggen wait. 

welcome to studio class.

glad to have you.

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