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beginning october 29, 2019

(enrollment limited to 90 students)

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are you an intensely ambitious orchestral-track musician?

rob and noa's winter bootcamp is 8 weeks of high-level audition training and intensive excerpt study.

it's for musicians who want to absolutely dominate their next audition.

imagine having complete confidence while preparing for your
next audition.

you have a fully developed, beginning-to-end plan that's proven and works.

you're past the nerves. you're not scared of the shakes. you're not worried about getting lost in the music.

you’re excited to walk into the audition room to perform the excerpts.

imagine having the best audition of your life, and knowing exactly how to make it even better next time.

this boot camp is how you’re going to make that a reality.

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course #1:

auditionhacker formula
presented by rob knopper

are you ready to...

  • set up an excerpt assembly line that mirrors a professional audition preparation process?

  • learn how to understand excerpts so deeply that the committee can hear the orchestra through your musicianship?

  • muscle-memorize every detail of an excerpt so that, on your worst, day, your performance is still advance-worthy?

  • deeply polish your excerpts to the point that you’d feel comfortable releasing an ‘album?'

  • learn the principles and psychology of mock auditioning?

  • get so comfortable mock auditioning that the audition seems like ‘just another day?'

  • learn the ground rules for the final week of your audition prep?


course #2:

beyond practicing
presented by noa kageyama

are you ready to...

  • discover the number 1 thing top practicers do differently in the practice room (and other research-based practice techniques that ensure your work "sticks")?

  • learn how to quiet your inner critic and maintain laser-like focus, no matter what?

  • learn a deceptively simple technique that will raise the level of your playing almost instantly?

  • learn how to avoid locking up or shutting down and play fearlessly even when the stakes are highest?

  • develop the ability to overcome nerves and get into the zone, right from the opening of your very first excerpt?

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hi, i'm rob

i'm a percussionist in the metropolitan opera orchestra in new york, i'm the founder of the website auditionhacker, and i've taught hundreds of students how to prepare for auditions.


hi, i'm noa

i'm a violinist-turned-performance psychologist and author of the bulletproof musician blog. i'm also on the faculty of the juilliard school, where i teach students how to beat anxiety and win auditions using the same mental skills top athletes have used
for decades.

i developed my audition process over 10 years and ultimately won positions in the new world symphony and then the metropolitan opera orchestra at the age of 24 using my system.

i've watched student after student after student win spots in colleges and summer festivals and advance in auditions after thinking they would never achieve anything close to that.

i created an online course, called the auditionhacker formula, which is an instrument-nonspecific, step-by-step blueprint on how anyone can pick up my system and follow it for themselves.

noa and i are teaching this bootcamp because we want to help more people overcome audition struggles and turn music into their career.




alex grimes, viola
auditionhacker formula student

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ron cohen mann, oboe
auditionhacker formula student

ryan everson, horn
auditionhacker formula student

l.d.  cello  beyond practicing student

beyond practicing student

Previous to doing the course, I was usually able to perform well, but auditions were a nightmare and almost never felt like they were representative of my playing. For some time I’d been trying to figure out the elements that allowed my performances to be successful, yet auditions less so.

Initially, I had some reservations about the cost of the course. However, once I realised the price was much the same as a small number of lessons with a well-established teacher, the value became obvious. This was even more apparent once I considered the amount of material being offered, and that many teachers teach primarily from their own experience of performing, and usually not in-depth research.

As much as I think musicians (including myself) like to think we’re always trying to improve, being introduced to a course like this does highlight how much most of us don’t know about performance psychology, which is clearly not a comfortable feeling. I’d spent quite a bit of time researching and investigating ways of approaching performance to increase my odds of success, and part of my initial reaction to finding this course was therefore: ‘I probably already know most of this’. While I already had an understanding of some of the topics covered, this was largely only because I’d already investigated approaches well outside of anything I’d learnt through studying music performance at university. However, some of the most important lessons from this course were things I’d never heard of, nor considered before.

I am confident that this course would have something to offer anyone wanting to improve their standard of performance, even (and maybe especially) for those already performing at a high level. Additionally, I have found many of the concepts that this course presents to be invaluable for my teaching.

I have experienced several significant changes from doing the course, but perhaps the most important change is that my ‘minimum’ standard in performance has improved significantly. I feel I can pick up the cello in pretty much any situation and almost always perform in a way that is representative of my best playing.

I would absolutely recommend this course. Musicians spend a huge amount of time learning the craft of their instruments and repertoire, but often don’t have strategies beyond ‘performing a lot’ to cope with the demands of performance. At any level, it makes sense for us to understand ourselves as much as possible to be able to communicate our vision of the music in performance.

included with rob and noa's winter bootcamp:


the auditionhacker formula
by rob knopper

full access to rob's course. it's the complete audition preparation system, from the day you get your list to the day of the audition

beyond practicing
by noa kageyama

full access to noa's course. it's a complete guide to beating performance anxiety and learning how to perform your best when it counts

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weekly assignments

you'll choose an audition to prepare for and, based on the topic of the week, i'll assign you homework


the homework you complete will inch you closer to a completed, trustworthy audition preparation system

access to rob and noa

you'll get direct access to us through a private facebook group where you can post questions, ideas, and recordings for feedback


your mock auditions will be reviewed by other musicians so that you can start getting feedback and tweaking your performances


audition preparation is better together. find your partners-in-crime and strategize with others in our private class facebook group.


8 weeks of live class Q&A sessions

write down your questions and struggles and we'll hash out everything during this live class period

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3 bonus trainings

bonus trainings will occasionally drop. they include “the last minute audition kit”, “how to crush nerves for auditions”, and the “watch me work” collection


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matt robotham, professional percussionist,
auditionhacker formula student


“i would highly recommend the course to anyone taking a professional or festival audition.  these are the steps needed to win an audition for something with clout (professional orchestras, tanglewood, NOI, pacific, schleswig holstein). this is the class that every music student wants, but is never taught.  every step is explained in great detail, [and] he lays out the path of what it takes to win an audition. it has helped me a great deal in gaining the most from my practice time."

i just wanted to share some good news; i won an audition for an orchestra last saturday, and a lot of my preparation had to do with your course.

in the past, i think my performances were a bit ‘hit or miss’ and it was difficult to understand what in my preparation was working and what wasn’t. i used to go into a performance hoping i wouldn’t get nervous, and trying to figure out how to play well despite the stress of the situation. interestingly, now i actually look forward to ‘getting nervous’ because it has the potential to really enhance my performance in a good way.

i had done other similar courses/coachings in the past and didn’t always get good results, so that (plus the cost of the course) was a concern. now, however, my preparation has become much more thorough and organised, and I really make a huge commitment to mental training and incorporating it into my practise and preparation. performing is a lot more exciting now and I’ve experienced much better results both in how i feel about performances, and also in the actual outcomes.

anyway, thank you again so much, and I really appreciate your work with the course. it’s a huge help to many people, and i really think it gave me an edge!

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beyond practicing student

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rob's winter bootcamp

- lifetime access to the auditionhacker formula

- 8 live sessions with weekly assignments

- peer-to-peer and mentor-to-student accountability

- peer-to-peer reviews of excerpts and mock auditions

- access to me for ongoing communication in a private facebook group with your bootcamp colleagues

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rob and noa's winter bootcamp

- lifetime access to the auditionhacker formula

- noa kageyama's beyond practicing course

- 8 live sessions with weekly assignments

- peer-to-peer and mentor-to-student accountability

- peer-to-peer reviews of excerpts and mock auditions

- access to me and noa for ongoing communication in a private facebook group with your bootcamp colleagues

enroll in rob's winter bootcamp

or, click here to save $147 by paying in full

enroll in rob and noa's
winter bootcamp

or, click here to save $147 by paying in full

when will the live sessions take place?

class time for rob’s bootcamp will be
tuesdays (and some mondays) at 10pm eastern time.

class times for rob and noa's bootcamp will be
tuesdays (and some mondays) at your choice of 8pm or 9pm eastern time.


each live session will be 50 minutes long and will be recorded and posted in case you cannot attend live.

you can submit your preference for class time after enrollment.

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for all alumni of either rob's or noa's course,
check your email for a special alumni discount code!



the lineup:

  • tuesday, october 29

  • tuesday, november 5

  • tuesday, november 12

  • tuesday, november 19

  • tuesday, january 7

  • monday, january 13

  • monday, january 20

  • monday, january 27

session 1

introduction: the three phases of audition preparation, your audition timeline, and how to avoid last-minute cramming and overwhelm by approaching auditions in an organized, systematic way.

session 2

the conceptual phase: learn a system for developing a vision for your excerpt based on listening to and studying the piece.

session 3

the mechanical phase: learn how to muscle-memorize every single detail of an excerpt.

session 4

the practice-mode-to-performance-mode transition: learn to deeply polish the details of your excerpts by recording, zooming in, and listening back.

6 week
practice break


session 5

mental skills training: the two reasons why we "choke" under pressure, and how to get into the zone, and stay there instead.


session 6

the performance phase: learn how to methodically practice performing and make the most strategic tweaks to please a committee and get ‘yes’ votes.

session 7

performance practice: advanced strategies and practice hacks to become bulletproof under pressure.

session 8

the countdown: what to do in the final week and lead-up to audition day.

**bonus trainings**

the last minute audition kit

  • a 4-step audition module that teaches you how to use the auditionhacker formula in the least amount of time to get the best result

how to crush nerves for auditions

  • a bonus module that will help you totally dominate and overcome your nerves and stop shaking in audition. nerves? nerves who?!

the "watch me work" collection

  • a bonus video module, shot in hd with multiple camera angles! it includes a complete excerpt research screen video demonstration, an extremely detailed
    demonstration for learning notes, and a
    self-recording workflow demonstration and example




cristina, auditionhacker alliance facebook group member:

“Dear Rob, I wanted to let you know that a bit over a month ago i won an assistant principal position in the Neue Philharmonie Westphalen in Germany. It's a great start for me now after being an academist/intern in the Düsseldorfer Symphoniker for 2 years. I just wanted to say that your resources really helped, and it encouraged me to continue changing and improving how i prepare and practice for auditions, intellectually, technically, and psychologically. Having an online community also helped me feel less of an outsider when it came to how many hours, thoughts, and energy i would be putting into my audtition preparation. For a while i was feeling a bit stuck, alone, and exhausted, with no new impulses, ideas, motivation, and support from people who are currently, or have recently won jobs. It's really a whole other ball game."


+ is there an age limit?

nope! there will be a variety of ages in the class which is great because your comments will come from a variety of sources. that’s exactly like when you take a professional orchestra audition - there will be musicians from many age groups, instrument groups, and musical backgrounds who are all looking for different things.

+ learn 1 excerpt really in depth

audition lists are long. the first half of the boot camp i’m going to teach you how to learn 1 excerpt really in depth. then you’re going to go on your own and work on the rest before you’re ready for mock auditions.

+ what if i have questions during that time?

noa and i will answer as many questions as time allows during the live sessions, and we’ll also be popping into the private facebook group as often as we can to help make sure you’re going in the right direction.

+ do i need any special equipment?

immediately after enrollment, you’ll download a packet that includes my recommendations for what recording devices to get for self-recording and recording your mock auditons. you can choose to get really nice equipment or just use what you already have. otherwise just a computer and an internet connection is good enough. actually, you can even just use a phone or tablet..

+ what’s the weekly time commitment?

each week you’ll have videos to watch and some practicing assignments to do. expect to add about 3 hours total of extra work to do during this class beyond your normal practicing hours. don’t worry, it’ll be worth it.

+ should i take the course if i'm not currently taking professional auditions?

by going through this course now, you’ll have this preparation system in place when you start preparing for your next audition. you’ll also have the advantage of not being stressed by upcoming deadlines while you go through this course, giving you time and space to really explore these new practice techniques. although you won't be going through an audition process yourself, i'll still ask you to choose an excerpt list to learn along with the group and you can go through the process as though you were taking an audition.

+ is this geared towards orchestra auditions or does it work for any auditions?

although i developed my process with the express purpose of winning an orchestra job, at its core it's a music preparation method. it will help you prepare music thoroughly and completely for any performance situation whether it's college auditions, recitals, juries, chamber music, or lessons.

+ how many people will be in my class with me?

we are capping enrollments at 90 people for the combined course so there will be around 30 per class.

+ what if i can’t make one of the live sessions?

each live session will be recorded and posted so you can (and will be expected to) watch and catch up on everything you missed. in addition, you can submit questions to me that i’ll cover in the live sessions, and you can ask me questions in the private facebook group and i’ll give video responses.

+ what if i decide to drop the course…can i get a refund?

if you hate it, return it. i’ll give you 20 days to make up your mind.

if you start going through the information and you decide that this is totally wrong for you then just let me know within 20 days of your purchase, and i’ll refund your entire payment.

(enrollment limited to 90 students!)