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delécluse: douze études for snare drum

in 2014, i recorded delécluse: douze études for snare drum. and it was epic.

delécluse is the most important percussion composer in the history of maybe ever, and he deserves a slightly taller statue than beethoven in that regard. that's why, when i found out that nobody had ever recorded his most-played piece, douze études for snare drum, i was shocked and i immediately recorded it in audio and video.

and when i say "immediately," i really mean that i spent 7 months practicing and agonizing over this iconic set of etudes, flew to miami, and then recorded them at the new world symphony. here's why it was awesome:

  1. nobody had ever recorded it before.
  2. it was the set of pieces' 50th anniversary
  3. i interviewed delécluse himself.
  4. i traveled all over france interviewing the country's most elite snare drummers and delécluse scholars.
  5. i released a really cool blog series: 12 days of delécluse
  6. i made some useful products that go along with the album than can help you learn the etudes, like stickings and click tracks

most of all, i created something that my 14-year-old self could have really used back in the day when i had no idea what a delécluse etude should sound like.

let's get into it.

check out the
12 days of delécluse

every percussionist has to play delécluse etudes, but how are you really supposed to play them? what's the french style of snare drumming? are the etudes famous everywhere?

these were the questions i asked while i was preparing the etudes. so i flew to france to find out.

watch the
douze études

i recorded the douze études in the performance hall at the new world symphony in miami beach, florida. in 11 angles. in HD audio and video. in 2 days.

and you can watch videos 1 + 9 right now.

delécluse products

if you're learning a delécluse etude, you'll have to put in a sh*tload of work. there's no way around it. but
i want to offer a jumping-off point, especially to those musicians who are learning one of these etudes for the first time.

i made a suite of products to help students learning delécluse etudes. check 'em out.



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cd/dvd album. delécluse: douze études for snare drum
from 23.00

released on october 26th, rob knopper’s album, delécluse: douze études for snare drum, celebrates the fiftieth anniversary and the first-ever recording of snare drum’s most influential and elaborate composition. featuring 11 camera angles, rob knopper’s CD+DVD set was recorded in high-resolution audio and video in miami beach’s new world center.

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delécluse click-track playalongs™
from 20.00

delécluse click-track playalongs™ are metronome tracks custom-designed for the delécluse: douze études for snare drum. 

the plus version of each étude comes with three separate audio tracks that add incredible value to your practice.


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delécluse starter stickings™
from 40.00

delécluse starter stickings™ are clear plastic overlays designed to fit your original music perfectly, including:

  • right/left sticking indications
  • roll speeds
  • measure numbers
  • some dynamic indications

watch the video

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