learn the 9 basic timpani stroke types (with duncan patton)

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so… last week’s video about timpani stroke went absolutely crazy. we had some amazing comments, like this one:

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but people wanted more.

when i first found duncan’s legato stroke article in PAS (from february 1996), i had the same thought.

“this is so helpful… GIVE ME MORE!”

well, it turns out that duncan wrote 2 more articles for percussive notes:

  • timpani articulation and tone color, december 1998

  • practicing the timpani roll, april 2003

and they’re great. i found these in high school and studied them deeply the same way i studied the legato stroke article. 

the legato stroke you learned last week is just one of the many stroke types on timpani.

you learned it first because it should be the foundational stroke type. but from there you can build different sounds around the legato stroke.

and here’s where i’m going to shut up about it. 

due to popular demand, i have brought duncan BACK to demonstration how to build the rest of the 9 basic stroke types. he calls it “the matrix of stroke types,” and he explains all 9 in detail on today’s video.

he also performs a cool new solo he wrote from the back of his new book, the artist timpanist.

today’s video is about the 9 basic timpani stroke types.


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