delécluse starter stickings™


delécluse starter stickings™ are a useful aid for serious snare drummers who want guidance on their delécluse études.

they’re clear plastic overlays, designed to fit your original music perfectly. the stickings and other useful information on the page comes directly from my experience performing delécluse études for many years, including the cd/dvd recording of the douze études set for release on october 26th.

for me, these present the ideal and most effective way to play these pieces. for you, they should serve as a jumping-off point, and you can evolve and improve the stickings for your own interpretation of the piece.

each delécluse starter sticking includes the answer to every sticking question that you might have. i’ve incorporated these things into the sticking overlays:

  • right/left sticking indications
  • roll speeds
  • measure numbers
  • some dynamic indications

the way it works is simple.

  1. lay the starter sticking on your music,
  2. line up the étude number at the top of the page with the original, making sure that the measure numbers are lined up to the left of each stave,
  3. paper clip the overlay to the page - one at the top, one on the side, and one on the bottom,
  4. when you need to make marks, use a wet-erase marker. If you want to take off the marks, use a damp cloth.
  5. you’re done! You can start playing.
delécluse starter stickings™
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