delécluse click-track playalongs™


delécluse click-track playalongs™ are metronome tracks custom-designed for the delécluse: douze études for snare drum. 

each track contains the specific timing information from the étude so you can play with the metronome seamlessly.

  • ritardando/decelerando
  • time signature changes
  • beaming and measure subdivision changes

    audio that's designed for snare drum use

    each click-track has 3 sounds for downbeats, major beats, and subdivisions. the sounds are a sonic mixture of clear, percussive beats and smooth, pitched tones. they're pitched so they project through the percussive sound of the drum without turning the volume up to full-blast.

    perfect for repetitive or section work

    watch the video for instructions on how to use these to practice small sections of delécluse études, like single lines.

    delécluse click-track playalongs plus™

    the plus version of each étude comes with three separate audio tracks that add incredible value to your practice. the three versions are:

    1. original, with all 3 sounds
    2. version two, removing subdivisions
    3. version three, only downbeats

    each progressive version of the click-track adds more responsibility to the player, forcing him or her to stay in tempo and not to rush or drag. 

    delécluse click-track playalongs™
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