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what we do:

- we teach keen and motivated musicians how to overcome their struggles and achieve their dream life: a successful career in music.

- we stock the internet with captivating and high quality educational content so that every innocent web-surfing experience can lead to a musical breakthrough.

- we unapologetically give people what they’re looking for: practical, realistic solutions. admissions of failure. honesty about struggles.

- if you want to have a job in music, i believe that it shouldn’t matter where you live or how much money you have. all that should matter is your work ethic.

- if you want to work hard and do whatever it takes, then you should have access to the best information and resources in the world. that’s what this website is about.

about the founder:

- i’m a percussionist in the met orchestra, i went to juilliard, and now i run the biggest audition blog on the planet.

- ever since i can remember, i've been obsessive. whether it was about collecting elvis stamps (what?), creating giant domino rally constructions and then knocking them over (omg), or playing diablo ii for more than a year (legit), i’ve always approached everything all-or-nothing.

- when i found music, i knew that i found something to obsess over forever without getting bored. so, in high school, i threw myself into percussion, music, and auditions, and never looked back.

- since i had my job at the met, i’ve gone through a number of new mini-obsessions: songwriting, audio production, photography, and web design. and then i learned that i could put all those interests together and create a blog for music students.

- i’ve got a full time job, and i’ve built two websites: the MET Orchestra Musicians site, and the site you’re on right now. the only thing i don’t have is free time.

- that’s where you come in.

our philosophy:

  • we’re here to change the world.
  • music has always been taught in a particular way.
    • we’re not interested in furthering that status quo. the internet provides a way to offer a platform for a teacher and music students all over the world to work together in new ways that no one has ever thought of.
    • - innovation
        - if something has never been done before, that itself is a perfectly good reason to try it out. why not?
    • - continuous education & growth
      • - if you want to learn a new skill that will help you do your job better, we want to provide the resources for you to do that. your growth and training is important to us.
    • - we’re not afraid of technology. - and you shouldn’t be either. - quality - every single thing that comes out of the website should be the best that the classical music world has ever seen.

why join our team:
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