+ what's the weekly time committment?

each week you’ll have videos to watch and some practicing assignments to do. expect to add about 3 hours total of extra work to do during this class beyond your normal practicing hours. don’t worry, it’ll be worth it.

+ is this geared towards orchestra players or does it work for any percussionists?

although i developed my process with the express purpose of winning an orchestra job, at its core it’s a snare drum technique system for any type of playing. it will help you develop the techniques, grips, and repertoire that you decide are most important.

+ what if i can’t make one of the live sessions?

each live session will be recorded and posted so you can (and will be expected to) watch and catch up on everything you missed. in addition, you can submit questions to me that i’ll cover in the live sessions, and you can ask me questions in the private facebook group and i’ll give video responses.