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first things first. what are you struggling with?

"i want to master auditions."

before i got my job at the met, i failed my way through years of unsuccessful auditions and rejected applications. i know the incredible weight bearing down on you: audition struggles.

so i've created methods and simple, easily adaptable instructions to crush basically any part of the audition process.

"i want to become a percussion virtuoso."

i studied percussion at juilliard and the new world symphony. i was the first (and only) person to record delécluse: douze études for snare drum, and i even conducted the final interview of jacques delécluse.

i create practical solutions, methods and workflows for percussionists like you to master your craft.

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a five minute audition is worth five million dollars.

winning an orchestra job means a life in music. it means a salary and a career of musical fulfillment.

it also means going head-to-head against the most formidable competitors on your instrument. auditions are the olympics of classical music. 


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do you shake in auditions from nerves? do you struggle under pressure with FINE DETAILS like rhythm or intonation?

i've struggled with every single part of the audition process, and i've personally overcome each one to win a coveted job in the metropolitan opera orchestra. 

with the right work ethic and preparation methods, i truly think anyone can win an orchestra job like mine.

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silky-smooth thumb rolls on tambourine. machine-gun snare drum rudiments. those three f*cking measures in delécluse 9.

these lofty goals things may seem out of reach. but they're not.

with the right approach and practice strategies, there's nothing you can't do.


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inside information, pointers, and life hacks to help you achieve one practice room breakthrough after another.

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