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stop missing notes. stop shaking.

stop getting cut in auditions.


are you devastated each time you get an audition rejection?

in my audition career, getting cut tore me apart each and every time. even if i knew that i deserved to get cut, i'd still hold out hope.

until the personnel manager would walk into the room and read the list of people who advanced, i'd hold out hope.

each time my number wasn't on that list, it sent me into a tailspin of anger, headache, and dejection.

if that describes you too,

you're in the right place.




just because you haven't won a job yet doesn't mean
you aren't on your way to winning a job.

maybe you've done mock auditions.

maybe you've tried recording
yourself, just like your teacher said.

maybe you've been following every  piece of advice that comes your way.


all of that is going to feed into your eventual successful audition preparation process.




let's fill in the gaps of your audition preparation.


right now it may feel like every decision has led you to rejection

but the day you win your dream job, you'll know that every bit of struggle and experimentation led you to success.


let's figure out what's holding you back.


“I am very, VERY impressed with the well-thought out layout of the course. It truly offers a step-by-step tutorial on what to do from the moment that you get the list to the moment you step off the stage."

margaret, student

do you shed your excerpts into the ground for long hours only to totally freeze up the moment you stand in front of the audition panel?

do you dread pulling out the audition list because you’re going to be faced with the same problems that you’ve still never found a solution for?

have you read so many rejection emails that you're just SO DONE?

and after dedicating all these years to your instrument only to find out again and again that you're right back where you started: a student, no job, no income...


...haven't you had enough?




imagine having complete confidence while preparing for your next audition.

your next audition is announced and you get invited. the audition list arrives and you open the envelope with the music.

and instead of going to the practice room and looking at the music stand saying, "what now," you know what to do.

you're going to have a fully developed, beginning-to-end plan that's proven and works.


imagine walking into the audition room excited to perform the excerpts.

_MG_5374, cirle.png

you're past the nerves. you're not scared of the shakes. you're not worried about getting lost in the music.

your mind is laser-focused on musicianship. you're listening to the acoustics of the room and making those slight adjustments.

you're in the moment.




you're performing.




imagine being free from auditioning.

remember, the goal is to get so good at auditions that you're done with auditions.
you're done with the crazy, sleepless, struggle-filled nights.
you can start your post-audition life.

imagine having financial independence and security.

the sooner you figure this out, the sooner you can finally get your own paycheck and stop living off your parents.
maybe you can pay off your college debt and just be independent.

imagine feeling the achievement of winning a job.

you've worked hard on your instrument for years and years.
winning an audition and getting a job is the moment you justify all of that time and work.




i remember the moment that i found out i won the audition. my dad was in poland at the time and he said i shouldn't call him unless i won. so a minute or two after i found out i won, i called him and left a message that said, "hi dad. it's rob. you said not to call unless i won, so i'm calling. talk to you later."


remember: every single audition winner has been in the downward spiral of failure and regret.

what separates successful people from the pack is how they react to rejection.

i want to give you permission to forgive yourself for whatever choices you've made so far. 

the only thing that can help you now is what you're going to do in the future.

let's complete revamp your audition preparation.

let's start over.


welcome to the auditionhacker formula.



the auditionhacker formula is a training course that helps you teach yourself how to win auditions by preparing the right way, and it's the exact audition plan that i used to win the met orchestra percussion job. it's a step-by-step audition preparation system, from the day you get your list until the day of the audition. it's a blueprint that you can follow and make your excerpts completely audition-ready.

what's included:

- 8 killer modules

- lifetime self-paced access

- 30 day refund policy, no questions asked

- bonus #1: the auditionhacker workbook

bonus #2: the audition circuit facebook group

bonus #3: the "watch me work" collection

bonus #4: the "no bullshit" bundle

bonus #5: 1 personal mock audition evaluation

matt robotham, professional percussionist


“i would highly recommend the course to anyone taking a professional or festival audition.  these are the steps needed to win an audition for something with clout (professional orchestras, tanglewood, NOI, pacific, schleswig holstein). this is the class that every music student wants, but is never taught.  every step is explained in great detail, [and] he lays out the path of what it takes to win an audition. it has helped me a great deal in gaining the most from my practice time."


before i won my MET job, i was rejected 11 times in a row.




i mean, i practiced so much. i skipped family events for audition prep. i skipped social gatherings. baseball games. party time with friends.

i was having to deal with a ton of negative emotions and feelings because of the rejections. and this happened over and over.

after each audition, i'd go through a series of emotions.

i would get exasperated seeing that some of the parts of my preparation process weren't very good.

once i stopped dwelling on the terribleness of it all for a moment, i'd start reflecting on my own audition preparation process.

but then i'd just choose one thing at a time and attack it.

like, if i was having trouble making my excerpts sound musical, i'd think of an intensive solution for how to research excerpts and infuse that research into the notes.

i'd start experimenting and trying a bunch of different solutions to each problem.

or various tactics to get the very best comments from people listening to my mock auditions, which in turn made my excerpts even better.

or how i could use an intense self-recording workflow to solve a ton of problems in not that much time.

eventually i came across a ton of incredibly effective solutions.

each of these solutions were successful now because they were foolproof. i could just apply the same steps over and over to different excerpts and trust the system and trust the results.

there were always combinations of steps or actions that actually worked.


every weakness has a solution.

from the very beginning, the moment you get your list, to the very end, the day of the audition.

i found out that there's a similar system that works for every single part of the audition preparation process.


but even if you figure a few things out, you don't immediately win a job.


a weakness in your process means a weakness in your performance. that's because if there are any weaknesses or gaps, then your excerpts don't come out on the other side ready to win.




but like winston churchill said...

"when you're going through hell, keep going."


eventually it started coming together as one cohesive set of systems. i started to fill in the gaps in my presentation and find systems to overcome the remaining weaknesses that i had.

it was like an assembly line:

  • i could insert my excerpts into one end

  • they'd go through each of the stations along the way

  • they would come out like audition-level nuggets of music, ready to be judged.



that's when i started seeing success.


one year before i won my MET audition, i started advancing.

_MG_3965 smaller.jpg



i was ecstatic that it was starting to work. the preparation was essentially complete and built on a solid foundation.

i tested this process on some smaller auditions.


finally, i had the chance to try it out on a huge one when the MET orchestra audition was announced.

i invested 4 or 5 months into going through the complete system.

i won using the exact steps i'll teach you in this program.


that's where the
auditionhacker formula
comes in.

it's a training course that helps you teach yourself how to win auditions by preparing the right way, and it's the exact audition plan that i used to win my job. it's a step-by-step audition preparation system, from the day you get your list until the day of the audition. it's a blueprint that you can follow to make your excerpts completely audition-ready.


let's check out what you get when you enroll as a student.

  • immediate access to the auditionhacker formula online course

  • you can log in anytime and watch training videos from your computer, phone, or tablet

  • it's all already available right now. you can go through the entire course at your own pace. totally binge-watch it netflix style, one module a week, or anything in between

  • it's set up through a huge series of training videos where i'll explain through each topic and use slides to illustrate my points

  • the course is broken up into 8 core modules, each module being a different major chapter of your audition prep. the modules are in the same order you would do them while preparing for an audition

  • some kickass bonuses. more about that in a minute



let's begin your audition transformation.


the auditionhacker formula
is designed with 3 main goals in mind:



  1. to methodically answer any objection that the audition committee could possibly have

  2. to impress the committee with musicianship and phrasing that are deeply ingrained into the excerpts

  3. to become so absurdly overprepared that you have endless confidence and zero nerves on audition day


cristina, auditionhacker alliance facebook group member:

“Dear Rob, I wanted to let you know that a bit over a month ago i won an assistant principal position in the Neue Philharmonie Westphalen in Germany. It's a great start for me now after being an academist/intern in the Düsseldorfer Symphoniker for 2 years. I just wanted to say that your resources really helped, and it encouraged me to continue changing and improving how i prepare and practice for auditions, intellectually, technically, and psychologically. Having an online community also helped me feel less of an outsider when it came to how many hours, thoughts, and energy i would be putting into my audtition preparation. For a while i was feeling a bit stuck, alone, and exhausted, with no new impulses, ideas, motivation, and support from people who are currently, or have recently won jobs. It's really a whole other ball game."


Flex Plan

- 8 killer modules

- lifetime self-paced access

- 30 day refund policy, no questions asked

- bonus #1: the auditionhacker workbook

- bonus #2: the audition circuit facebook group

bonus #3: the "watch me work" collection

- bonus #4: the "no bullshit" bundle

bonus #5: 1 personal mock audition evaluation


Pay in Full

- 8 killer modules

- lifetime self-paced access

- 30 day refund policy, no questions asked

- bonus #1: the auditionhacker workbook

bonus #2: the audition circuit facebook group

bonus #3: the "watch me work" collection

bonus #4: the "no bullshit" bundle

bonus #5: 1 personal mock audition evaluation




johanna, auditionhacker formula user

"I finished listening to [the course] last night and i really love how everything from micro to macro works. it is a brilliantly designed method. i am enjoying the process of each phase and the satisfaction of one notecard at a time being placed in that done pile. it's worth every penny and i am not even close to being done with phase 1. probably the best investment i have made in the last decade."



here's an even closer look at what you get.


learn exactly how to plan out your whole audition prep

- horizontal scheduling

- notecards to stay organized and keep track of excerpt progress


MODULE #2: THE daily practice session

learn how to structure each day's practice to achieve your daily goal

vertical scheduling -

how the daily schedule adjusts throughout all 3 phases of audition process -

MODULE #3: THE audition packet

learn how to create and organize the audition packet to look professional and be incredibly useful

- how to get your music organized and prepared


MODULE #4: excerpt research

learn a system for developing a vision for your excerpt based on listening to and studying the piece

gain authority and confidence in your interpretation -

allow the style and the character to seep in -

employ a methodical system to extract musical and numerical data from recordings -

a 40 minute demonstration of the entire excerpt research process -

MODULE #5: learning the notes

learn how to muscle-memorize every single detail of an excerpt

- engrain both objective and musical details so they are intimately connected with each note during performance

- learn and perfect a 6-step method

- take the method and plug in each excerpt you encounter


MODULE #6: self-recording

learn how to deeply polish the details of your excerpts
by recording, zooming in, and listening back

learn and perfect the principles of the self-recording workflow -

systematically find your problems and eliminate them -

discover how to choose your gear and equipment -

learn and perfect a 4-step workflow -

MODULE #7: mock auditions

learn how to methodically practice performance and make the most strategic tweaks to please a committee and get 'yes' votes

- learn the principles and psychology of mock auditioning

- learn and perfect a complete 11-step mock audition walkthrough

- learn how to collect the comments, get them organized, and use them strategically


MODULE #8: the final week and audition day

learn how to approach the before, during, and after steps of your audition

discover ground rules for how to deal with the final week of your audition prep -

tips on traveling and logistics -

a complete walkthrough of audition day -

what to do after the audition -

how to use the audition recording and your experience to plan your next audition prep -

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 3.58.01 PM.png

bonus #1: the auditionhacker workbook

bring the formula to the practice room and apply it to your minute-to-minute audition perparation using this downloadable set of spreadsheets, templates, and worksheets. it's designed to help you absorb and retain the information from the course, as well as keep you focused and organized in the practice room.

- a 12-page workbook that you can use to follow the course, take notes, and bring to the practice room

- a scheduling template to get you started in module 1

- an excerpt research template that you can duplicate and fill in for each excerpt in module 4

- my mock audition spreadsheet to track excerpt progress in an incredibly efficient and useful way in module 7


Book Stack-104.png
Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 3.58.01 PM.png

bonus #2: the auditionhacker formula community

auditioning shouldn't be a lonely, solitary activity. some of my biggest breakthroughs have happened while closely collaborating with other driven auditioners.

find your partners-in-crime and strategize with others in the audition circuit in my private, closed audition community. i'm in there all the time answering questions, chiming in, trying to address anything i can, and just going to town geeking out about audition preparation.

invitation to the audition circuit, a private facebook group -

a community of like-minded players to bounce ideas off of -

daily question-and-answers with me -

a safe and encouraging space to post private mock audition videos
for comments

individual comment threads within each video -
linked directly to my email for quick responses

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 3.58.01 PM.png

bonus #3: the 'watch me work' collection

audition progress doesn't happen in a classroom. it happens in a practice room.

instead of just explaining the concepts to you, i'm going to show you. in my practice room. included in the course is a collection of 'watch me work' demonstrations where i strip away the confusion and show you, step-by-step, exactly how to go through each of the important processes in the course.

(shot in hd with multiple camera angles!)

- a complete excerpt research screen video demonstration

- an extremely detailed ROAM method demonstration for learning notes

- a self-recording workflow demonstration and example

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 3.58.01 PM.png

bonus #4: the
'no bullshit bundle'

in order to start preparing for auditions, we have to get you into auditions. that means passing the resume round, the tape round, and powering through every other annoyance that pops up along the way.

this bundle is designed to get you past the 'bull' and dive into the practice room quicker.

the 'no bullshit bundle' is a set of tools that you can use to quickly learn every supplementary skill you need in order to get past all the boring stuff and practice.

a collection of quick-start guides for making audition tapes, -
creating a resume, how to practice sight-reading, and more

a resume template so you can have a fully prepared resume -
in less than an hour

pre-worded emails that you can send directly to the personnel manager -
for a variety of situations, like to ask about an error in the provided music

a copy of my successful Met orchestra audition tape -
that you can reference -in order to achieve
a high-level audition tape of your own


Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 3.58.01 PM.png

bonus #5: personal mock audition evaluation

you need to do a ton of mock auditions. perform for the best musicians you can find.

record yourself playing a mock audition, send it to me, and i'll give you a fully detailed response with comments, thoughts, and suggestions about your playing and your next steps.


Flex Plan

- 8 killer modules

- lifetime self-paced access

- 30 day refund policy, no questions asked

- bonus #1: the auditionhacker workbook

- bonus #2: the audition circuit facebook group

bonus #3: the "watch me work" collection

- bonus #4: the "no bullshit" bundle

bonus #5: 1 personal mock audition evaluation

Pay in Full

- 8 killer modules

- lifetime self-paced access

- 30 day refund policy, no questions asked

- bonus #1: the auditionhacker workbook

bonus #2: the audition circuit facebook group

bonus #3: the "watch me work" collection

bonus #4: the "no bullshit" bundle

bonus #5: 1 personal mock audition evaluation



frequently asked questions

+ when does the course start and finish?

the course starts now and never ends! it's a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

+ how long do I have access to the course?

how does lifetime access sound? after enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

+ does it work for every instrument?

absolutely. the entire course is instrument-nonspecific. it's based on processes that involve research, self-recording, practicing with the metronome, and doing mock auditions. none of it will be specific to my instrument, which is percussion. i might use a percussion example every once in a while to explain something, but i'll always remind you to fill-in-the-blank with your own instrument. in fact, the course has already been taken by several string and wind players in the beta test.

+ what if I am unhappy with the course?

we would never want you to be unhappy! if you're unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we'll give you a full refund.