hey, i'm hiring!

hey y’all!

today’s a big day. the auditionhacker academy and robknopper.com are about to take a big, epic step forward.

and i want YOU to be a part of it.


i’m hiring an executive assistant.

i’m looking for someone who’s smart, organized, not afraid of technology, and who wants to team up with me to change the world of music education.


this could be us!

this could be us!

why it's an awesome job:

  • you'll have flexibility and the freedom to work from wherever
    • i live in new york, but you don’t have to. we can talk over skype and google hangouts. 
  • you'll learn essential skills about how a professional classical music website operates.
    • if you're interested in anything business, arts administration, or music education, this is going to be a daily learning experience. 
  • you'll make super valuable connections with major professional musicians and educators from all over the world.
    • want to collaborate with someone specific? hey, let's do it!
  • you'll make a difference. i mean... we're inventing the future here. really.
    • we’re also making an impact on every single person who visits our site. maybe it’s a fleeting moment of inspiration, or maybe it changes their life. either way, it’s important work.


we’ve already done some incredible things here at robknopper.com:

last year, the auditionhacker academy reached an incredible milestone: we launched the first online audition preparation course the world has ever seen. we grew our email list to almost 5,000 people in 8 short months, and enrolled lots of people in the paid course in just a 6-day enrollment window.

we’ve posted 60 blogs, performed live trainings, managed multiple websites, and we recorded and self-published an album.


the mission of robknopper.com

the mission of robknopper.com is to teach keen and motivated musicians how to overcome their struggles and achieve their dream life: a successful career in music.

we stock the interwebs with captivating and ultra high quality educational content so that every innocent web-surfing experience can lead to a musical breakthrough for students in every corner of the world. 


who i’m looking for:

look... i started this blog as a musician with an interest in websites.

it blossomed into a major audition and percussion blog. i never went to school for web design, business, technology, or any of that stuff.

i was interested in the power of the internet and how it could enhance the way i teach music.

are you interested in that too? if so, this job could be perfect for you. 

i’m looking for an executive assistant to serve as the center of operations for my business.

you don’t need to be a website expert. or a blogging expert. or a branding aficionado. you don’t need to know how online business works. i can teach you all that. here are some of the qualities i'm looking for:

someone who...

  • isn't afraid of technology,
  • is willing to learn how to do new things,
  • is always thinking about a better, faster, more interesting way to improve whatever’s in front of you,
  • is resourceful,
  • can handle deadlines and stress,
  • has great attention to detail,
  • is super fluent in american english slang,
  • knows all the basic grammar rules (but isn't afraid to break them),
  • has basic graphic design skills,
  • has some aesthetic sense,
  • works well with others,
  • isn’t locked into a 9-5 but embraces a “until it gets done” attitude,
  • is highly organized and moves quickly,
  • takes ownership and pride in their work,
  • loves learning new things and can implement new ideas quickly,
  • can recognize when they can’t do something,
  • can handle direct & blunt feedback…. and doesn’t need to be coddled,
  • can deal with a lot of moving parts, and
  • is willing to watch or listen to training resources and implement them.

it’s important for whoever i hire to also be on a mission. my mission is to impact students all over the world and clear the way for them to practice and win a job. it’s to fundamentally change the way that teachers teach and students learn.


our first order of business: going through the how shit works manifesto

so, what will you be doing?

the business has a lot of moving parts. right now i do all of them, from the smallest technical task on the website to the big project planning. i want to be the website's ‘teacher,’ not the administrator, and i need someone to help take over the other stuff so that i can be a better teacher.

you’re the first step on that journey. you’re going to meet me where i am and start taking responsibilities away from me.

we’ll start with content management. you'll help me plan content, like blogs and webinars, help me create it, like by editing and formatting it, and post it.

once we get that down, you’ll learn about my social media accounts and help me organize and manage them.

then we’ll dive into my email management software and you’ll help me deal with the massive amount of email that i get on a daily basis.

you’ll also be in charge of the business SOPs (standard operating procedures). you’ll help create and update them for each project and task in the business.

let me reiterate. you don’t already need to know how to do this. you just need to be interested in it and willing to learn.

depending on how those go, you can pick up more and more responsibilities within the business. i’d love for you to become a sort of ‘operations coordinator’ eventually, but let’s start simple.

speaking of simple, let's start at around 20 hours a month with a couple projects. and as we get to know each other, i’ll give you more and more to do.

will it become full time? maybe. let’s see how it goes.

we’ll also have a short ~15 meeting each day where we talk about what’s been done since yesterday, what needs to be done by tomorrow, and what’s holding you back. 


things you’ve done in the past

if you’re thinking, “boy, that sounds pretty cool. but i have no idea how to do any of that online stuff.” no problem!

i’m totally fine with training you to do this. but i want someone who’s on social media already, so that you understand the world we’re working in. i’d also prefer that you’ve taken an interest at some point in technology, online education, business, or arts administration in some way. if you’ve ever made a basic website, that totally counts!


this position is not for a person who:

  • has too much going on all the time to focus and do quality work,

  • isn’t willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement, or

  • just wants to play in an orchestra and wants a little cash on the side. nooooooope.


sound good? cool! now i need to know about you. 


rob knopper

hailed by @nytimes and james levine as needing 'louder triangle notes'. recorded delécluse: douze études for snare drum, percussionist in @metorchestra.