my student got runner up!

“kick my ass.”

that’s one of the first things that tom reaves, one of my students, told me when we first spoke. i was like, “YES. AWESOME.

backstory: he had never advanced at an audition. he was struggling with his preparation and not seeing the results he wanted.

i really did kick his ass.

so, starting with lesson #1, i really did kick his ass. tom is an awesome student...he’s willing to try anything and he’ll get really intense about it. he soaked up new information like a sponge, and over the course of about a year, he really became an audition machine.

and…yeah. he had some huge success recently. it’s great.

i brought him “into” the auditionhacker studios so he could explain to you exactly how he transformed his audition process.

want to nail your next audition?

here's the 5-part audition preparation method i used to win a job at the MET orchestra.

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rob knopper

hailed by @nytimes and james levine as needing 'louder triangle notes'. recorded delécluse: douze études for snare drum, percussionist in @metorchestra.