should you edit your audition tape or is that cheating?

top of the mornin' to ya!

right now i’m on vacation. it’s probably awesome. i don’t know - i wrote this a week ago. right now i’m probably wandering around london sipping tea and stuffing my face with scones and marmite (that’s what they eat, right?). send restaurant recommendations please!

i had to post about this topic today, though. december 1st is only a few days away and it's when prescreening audition tapes are due for colleges. i need to release this while you still have time to work on your audition tape.

so here it is:

should you edit your audition tape, or is that cheating?

should you make a completely unedited, natural representation of your performance? or can you do some editing, like by cutting together two different takes?

the reality is that some people are going to edit. and you’re going to have to make a decision for yourself.


it’s time for…

a debate.

i’ve brought in a B-list audition blogger to debate me on whether or not it’s ok to edit your audition tape. 

i also discuss what decision i made when producing my audition tape for my met orchestra audition.

rob knopper

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