how to make your audition preparation plan

happy FALL!

it’s the beginning of the opera season at the met tonight, and i have something very special for you today.

see, for the last month or so, i’ve been working with our good friend noa kageyama (from the bulletproof musician blog) to create a brand new 7-day mini-course all about audition preparation.

it’s for you if you’re frustrated with your past auditions and want some concrete strategies to prepare better.

it’s called audition prep 101.

we’re going to walk you through a few concepts and exercises that will directly help you get better results in your auditions later this year.

(and there’s homework in every training. heh heh heh... <evil laugh>)

you’ll learn:

  • how the right kind of research can help you perform more confidently on the day of the audition – and help you learn new repertoire a little bit quicker too.

  • a few simple adjustments that can help make your work “stick” better from one day to the next.

  • an approach to reviewing your recordings, that will not only make that whole process feel less discouraging, but ensure that no detail is overlooked in your preparation.

  • why learning how to “single-task” could help make you more “pressure-proof.”

  • and more!

so. you can check out more information about the mini-course at noa’s page here:

OR you can go watch the first training video immediately since i posted the entire thing on my youtube channel today (it’s at the top of this blog!).

rob knopper

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