how often are delécluse études asked for in auditions?


when you're trying to decide which delécluse étude to start working on next, you should really know how often they're each asked for on auditions. i got my hands on 84 audition lists from the united states and around the world, from top-tier orchestras and regional symphonies, and from sub auditions to principal positions, and analyzed the numbers.

delécluse études in auditions, by the numbers:

want to see my complete snare drum setup?

here’s my 8-piece snare drum setup, including every piece of gear and accessory you'll need. (and it's totally audition-ready, too.)

rob knopper

hailed by @nytimes and james levine as needing 'louder triangle notes'. recorded delécluse: douze études for snare drum, percussionist in @metorchestra.