hey, we're hiring!

hey y’all!

we're diving into a year of weekly videos, and this year i'd like to instagram the hell out of it.

i'm looking for a video editor to join the auditionhacker content team.

apply by sunday, september 9th at 11:59pm eastern.

i’m hiring a video editor to help me create content for instagram and youtube.

it's part-time and i'd like you to start in september, 2018. 

you'll run my instagram account by editing down my youtube videos into bite-sized videos and graphics. you'll also create videos and graphics for youtube, facebook, and twitter. you need to speak the language of instagram and have an eye for aesthetics.

i'm looking for a smart, creative person who earnestly want to help struggling musicians find answers to their practice room problems. 

if this position seems like a fit, let's team up to change the world of music education.

note: if you've applied for this position in the past and you're interested again, shoot me an email and let me know. i'm looking forward to hearing from you again!

this could be us!

this could be us!

why it's an awesome job:

  • you'll have flexibility and the freedom to work from wherever
    • i live in new york, but you don’t have to. we can talk over facetime or skype. 
    • all three positions are part-time, so you can be in school or freelancing or chilling on an island somewhere (with great wifi).
  • you'll learn essential skills about how a professional classical music education website operates.
  • you'll help change the world of percussion and music education. i mean... we're inventing the future here. really.
    • we’re also making an impact on every single person who visits our site. maybe it’s a fleeting moment of inspiration, or maybe it changes their life. either way, it’s important work.

we’ve already done some incredible things here at robknopper.com:

in our three years of existence, the auditionhacker academy has reached a series of incredible milestones:

we get messages like this (see image) all the time!

we get messages like this (see image) all the time!

  • we launched the first online audition preparation course the world has ever seen and enrolled hundreds of students
  • we grew our email list to 13,000 people.
  • we started a new youtube channel last year and have already grown it to 7,600 subscribers.

we’ve posted over 80 blogs and 60 videos. and there's so much more work to be done. come on board and help us change the lives of music students everywhere.


the mission of robknopper.com

the mission of robknopper.com is to teach keen and motivated musicians how to overcome their struggles and achieve their dream life: a successful career in music.

we stock the interwebs with captivating and ultra high quality educational content so that every innocent web-surfing experience can lead to a musical breakthrough for students in every corner of the world. 


who i’m looking for:

on team auditionhacker, we run a WHOLE bunch of platforms. 

how it works is that first i have a teaching idea, then i talk at the camera, and then i hand it off to my team. you'll join the team that helps me to bring those ideas to students in many different places and formats. 

i'll write a little bit more in depth about what qualifications you need for each position below, but in general i'm looking for the type of person who:

  • isn't afraid of technology, 
  • is willing to learn how to do new things, 
  • can handle deadlines and stress,
  • has great attention to detail,
  • is on instagram, facebook, and maybe even twitter, 
  • is super fluent in american english slang (and can speak in the auditionhacker tone and style),
  • works well with others,
  • is highly organized and moves quickly,
  • can recognize when they can’t do something,
  • loves learning new things and can implement new ideas quickly,
  • can handle direct & blunt feedback…. and doesn’t need to be coddled, and
  • is willing to watch or listen to training resources and implement them.

it’s important for whoever i hire to also be on a mission. my mission is to impact students all over the world and clear the way for them to practice and win a job. it’s to fundamentally change the way that teachers teach and students learn.

what kind of video editor?

i need someone who's passionate about finding new ways to help students learn about percussion and auditions, especially on instagram.

the way a video should be designed for youtube is different from how it can work for instagram when someone is blankly scrolling through their feed. 

if you're experimental, if you're curious about how a post might do, and if you're fascinated with the quest of finding the best way to help students, this is the right job for you.

you don't have to be a percussionist, but it helps.

i'm looking for someone who...

  • has made videos in some capacity before,
  • wants to experiment with all the new video-making apps, 
  • has basic graphic design skills, 
  • has some aesthetic sense, and
  • keeps up with new trends in instagram, youtube, facebook, and twitter videos.
  • extra credit if you're a percussionist who keeps up with the percussion industry accounts.

this position is not for someone who:

  • has too much going on all the time to focus and do quality work,

  • just wants to play in an orchestra and wants a little cash on the side. nooooooope.

who you'll be working with:

we already have two incredible people on the auditionhacker team. meet them:


nicole patrick, assistant

her website: https://www.nicoleepatrick.com/

adam tan.jpeg

adam tan, youtube video producer

his website: https://www.adamtanpercussion.com

sound good? cool! now i need to know about you. 

rob knopper

hailed by @nytimes and james levine as needing 'louder triangle notes'. recorded delécluse: douze études for snare drum, percussionist in @metorchestra.