how to practice something that seems impossible

today’s video is about how to practice something that seems impossible.

it’s so annoying when you’re trying to get a piece ready for your lesson or for an audition and there’s one part of it that seems impossible. i’m talking about a super technically difficult thing that is so hard that you can’t think about anything else.

you try to think about musicality, about making phrases, about dynamics and such....but in reality you’re so scared that some hard thing in the piece is going to derail everything that basically nothing else matters.


i firmly believe that you can overcome any technical challenge, no matter how impossible it seems.

want to see how i warm up on snare drum?

here's the free pdf that will take you through the whole process.

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rob knopper

hailed by @nytimes and james levine as needing 'louder triangle notes'. recorded delécluse: douze études for snare drum, percussionist in @metorchestra.